Would you like to promote your school in student’s homes?

We have two types of Frames that will allow your students to proudly promote your school.

Option 1 – The School Years Frame

The School Years Frame will help your parents and students see how they have developed from Kindy all the way through to Year 12 and Graduation. This Frame is mainly aimed at promoting Junior School.









Option 2 – The Memorabilia Frame

The Memorabilia Frame will allow senior students to display and share their academic, sporting, musical and creative achievements. This Frames is very popular with graduating students and is an excellent way of promoting senior school.








We work with many schools to help students commemorate their time at school. Today, our School Years and Memorabilia Frames are displayed in student’s homes across Australia. Many schools have taken the opportunity to display a sample of our School Years and Memorabilia Frames in their retail stores.

How can School Frames and Memorabilia Frames promote your school?

I remember my time at school fondly and wish I could have shared my achievements and sense of school pride with my family and friends.  Students want to both commemorate their time at school and ‘show off’ their achievements.

Our frames will help your school to:

  • – Celebrate each students time at school.
  • – Share the success of student’s academic achievements.
  • – Promote your school to friends and family.
  • – Allow parents to proudly reflect on their children’s development and achievements.
  • – Promote a sense of community, pride and excellence.



What can we do for your School?

We will custom make a sample Memorabilia Frame for your school to display in your retail store. Your custom made Memorabilia Frame will be made using your school’s colours and usually includes:

  • –  Student graduation or valedictory photo.
  • –  School tie with badges.
  • –  Blazer pocket with embellishments.
  • –  Plaque with your school name, student name and year of graduation.

We will provide you with a leaflet for parents, containing information on how to purchase a Memorabilia Frame. All payments are made directly through our website. All items required to build a Memorabilia Frame are sent from parents directly to us. All you have to do is display the Frame.

We are parents of school aged children and thus take every opportunity to ‘give back’ to the schools that display our Frames. We love to get involved in supporting school fundraising projects.

If you would like to promote your school through School Frames, please contact us today. We are happy to answer any questions that you may have.