Personalised School Frames.

I recently ventured into the world of Instagram for both my own indulgence and to gain some inspiration for my business. I have come across hundreds of beautiful online shops, each unique and contemporary in their own way. I realised that the possibilities are endless with my school frames. I am fortunate enough to be a position now where I can really experiment with my frames and trust that my fan base will be supportive and exited by change.

One of the small businesses that stood out was Butterfly Kisses Wall Art & Decor, made by a the very talented Jenny from VIC. In her own home, Jenny makes beautiful wooden and acrylic cut outs of almost anything you could ask for, her Instagram page @butterflykissesWallart is filled with gorgeous fairies, dragons, lettering, signs, name tags, keyrings and more.

You can check out the Butterfly Kisses Facebook page

I contacted Jenny and asked if she was interested in collaborating. I knew that we would be able to make a great product for our followers so I straight away hit the drawing board and came up some designs, even with over 20 years-experience making frames, I still get excited when given a unique project.

So through phone calls between myself and Jenny along with frequent visits to the workshop the first frame was made. We were both happy with the design but obviously, the real judges here were our followers. When I posted the frame and asked for feedback the over whelming response was YES!! followed by “Centre the damn name?” followed by “can we have black lettering”? So here I am introducing the even newer new Personalised School Frame:

By the way, thank you very much if you commented in that post, we all love the end product and know you will too.

Orders can be made through our online store