Custom Frames

Our most popular custom made School Frame is the Year 12 Memorabilia Frame.


These student memorabilia frames are made using your school colour’s and can include:

• Graduation/valedictory photo.
• Tie with badges.
• Blazer pocket with embellishments.
• Captain hat.
• Certificate.
• Plaque with student’s name, school and year of graduation

We encourage students to get involved in designing their own frames.

Students are proud of their achievements and these frames are a beautiful way of commemorating their time at school.




How much do they cost?

The cost depends on the amount of items students want framed.

To give you an idea the Memorabilia Frame’s pictured here are $299 (plus p&h).

I LOVE making these frames and I LOVE to capture student’s achievements in a frame that will last a lifetime. In the future, students can take a moment to look back on their achievements and realise all they have accomplished and the footprints they have laid.

Get in touch for a quote on your custom made memorabilia frame.


What else do we frame?

You think it – we can frame it.

Baby frames, wedding frames, anniversary frames, celebration frames etc.

We will only quote projects that can be posted safely. However, we are able to be more adventurous with Brisbane/Gold Coast/Sunshine Coast projects as we can personally deliver them.

Contact us for a quote on your custom made frame.