Our School Frames are made in Brisbane by a fully qualified picture framer. We are a family run business, with over 20 years experience in the picture framing industry.

All our frames are made on-site with the highest quality Australian Made products (not sourced from China and assembled in Australia). Watch your child grow year after year with these beautifully handcrafted School Frames.

Each frame has space for all your School Photo’s from Kindy to Year 12 plus Graduation.




School Frames also provide schools, kindergartens and childcare facilities with a unique and simple way to fundraise.




We can also provide quotes on Memorabilia Frames, Baby Frames, Anniversary Frames, Celebration Frames, Wedding Frames etc..You name it, we can make it!




Want some more information about  School Frames? Check out our frequently asked questions to find out more or please contact us, we usually respond within 24 hours.


School Frames can hold all your photos from Kindy to Y12 plus Graduation and Formal!

Welcome to School Frames.

The kids will love bringing home their new school photo to add to their very own School Frame. Once you have finished laughing at all the bad hair and cheeky smiles, you can stand back and admire how they have grown year after year.

It’s time to pull out those School Photos from the cupboard and display them on the wall. School Frames specialise in high quality professional picture framing. WE ARE QUALIFIED PICTURE FRAMERS making frames all day, every day.

School Frames provide superior quality Australian Made Frames. We are a family-owned picture framing business with over 25 years’ experience in the picture framing industry.

With School Frames, you can effortlessly display all your School Photos from Kindy to Year 12 plus graduation and formal. Each School Frame is hand-made using the highest quality professional picture framing materials.

Over the years, we can spend up to $1200 on school photos, it costs a fraction of this price to proudly display your School Frames on the wall.

Stop storing your school photos in the cupboard, display them in style with School Frames.

School Frames are locally-made in Brisbane, using local materials.

Our School Frames are hand crafted by professional picture framer with over 20 years’ framing experience. We are the only company in Australia that have a qualified picture framer, custom-making our frames. Our School Frames will last your family a lifetime.

School Frames include quality mat boards.

We leave plenty of space between photos, around the edge and near the frame molding. Our mat boards accommodate the weight of all your school photos, ensuring strength and longevity. Cheaper versions cut costs and cut mat boards right to the edge, becoming frail and collapsing over time.

School Frames come fully assembled and ready to hang.

Here’s a tip – when buying any type of frame from the internet, always ask to see a photo of the back. School Frames are delivered ready to hang with a fully fitted professional picture framing wall mount. Frames supplied with cheap DIY “easily assembled” wall mount kits are likely to fall off the wall, break the glass and scratch your photos. Oops!

School Frames are Made in Australia from Australian materials.

We firmly believe that fair dinkum’ Australian Made products are ‘Made in Australia’ using Australian materials. Please beware some companies will advertise their frames as being Australian Made, however, they use materials from overseas and only assemble them in Australia. This is not Australian made!

We proudly use the highest quality materials to provide you with the best School Frames on the market.

New Personalised School Frames

We are thrilled to launch our personalised School Frames range where the options are endless. Our partnership with Butterfly Kisses brings a whole new dimension to your treasured memories making these frames as individual as your family.

Just picture the squeals of delight from your children or grandchildren when you unveil their personalised School Frame including their name, favourite quote and maybe even a laser cut butterfly, unicorn or motorbike. Butterfly kisses has hundreds of ideas to inspire you.

Each piece is hand crafted using quality materials, providing personalised artwork to accompany your treasured photos. Jump over to our Shop Now page to start personalising your frame today.

School Frames works with you to create a perfect, personalised School Frames package to suit your family, décor and style. Consider purchasing School Frames as gifts for your loved ones as a forever keepsake and reminder of those treasured years – that fly by so fast.

We are Professional Picture Framers, which means we make more than School Frames. We can frame anything. If you can think it – we can frame it. Contact us today for a free quote on custom-made frames.

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